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365 Things I Love About Camp #109

May 26, 2009 by Kim

#109. I love being a part of everything going on around me at camp.

I love being in my house and hearing the buses pull up when a new group arrives. I love being able to hear voices of people having a good time. I love being able to see the staff go by as they do different jobs around camp, working together to make things run as they should. I love going to the lodge at mealtime and finding out how everybody’s day is going. I love getting updates from Ben about the different things he’s working on throughout the day, and how the group is doing. And right now, I’m realizing even more how much I love those things, because I am not there, and am missing home! While Ben is gone for the next two weeks, Anika and I have moved in with my parents, so that if our baby decides to arrive early, I will be closer to the hospital, and will have family around to help out until Ben can get back. I am very thankful to have family supporting and helping me, but I miss being at camp!!

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