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365 Things I Love About Camp #111

May 28, 2009 by Kim

#111. I love getting to know the spring staff, like…Zach!

How do you sum up all of the things to love about Zach? I mean, besides the fact that we have our very own Zach Efron look-alike at camp causing little girls to go into a frenzy, would we need more reasons to like him?? And yet on top of his ability to look like a musical basketball star, Zach is also just lots of fun to be with, and has an ability to draw people to him. He is so friendly, likeable, easygoing, and cheerful. He goes out of his way to talk to people and find out how they’re doing, and asks it in such a way that it makes you feel like it will really make Zach’s day better to find out that you are having a good day. Along with all of that, he’s passionate about God and about learning and discussing different views on Christianity. It seems like he is always smiling, tossing his hair in very Zach Efron-ish ways, and making everybody’s day just a little bit better.


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