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365 Things I Love About Camp #241

October 22, 2009 by Kim

#241. I love February at camp!

This is the winter month when we work extra hard out here! Family Camp and Mother/Daughter Camp happen in February, and since both of these retreats are put on by Red Rock, we spend a lot of time working to get ready for them, especially Mother/Daughter. So to me, February is about planning, fancy food, decorations, and details. Terra-Lee said last year that it kind of made her feel like she was getting ready for a wedding all over again. It does feel kind of the same, except I never really prayed that our wedding would spiritually impact the people attending! And we do pray hard that the people who attend the retreats will not only have a great time, but will connect with God while they are here.

Mother/Daughter Camp 2008

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