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365 Things I Love About Camp #365

February 20, 2010 by Kim


6 Responses to “365 Things I Love About Camp #365”

  1. April Dueck(Wilson) says:

    I’m going to really miss your daily blogs. It was usually part of my routine of checking email, facebook etc. You did a great job!!

  2. Naomi Dueck says:

    It’s encouraging to hear your heart for camp ministry. God is pleased with your humbleness and your desire to be devoted to this calling. May you continue to yearn for more of Jesus as you serve Him. He is in the business of changing lives!! and that is exciting.

  3. Rachelle Reimer says:

    Hi Kendra!
    I hope you don’t mind that I follow your blog! Just wanted to let you know that this entry has really encouraged me today. It is good for me to hear your honesty and hope. From one camp worker to another we know it is not all easy but to hear part of your journey encourages me on mine. With our busy time looming on the horizon I was letting the dread get to me, but I will try to remember that God is perfect and our sacrifice is worth it and an honor to give that to our loving Father! Thanks!

  4. Ben Dueck says:

    Let me just state for public record that I’m very proud of my wife for making it through this last year posting on the blog. I know there were times when it was tough, but she did it!

    p.s. I knew she could do it!

  5. Joey says:

    Way to go Kendra! You’re quite the entertaining writer. I’ve really enjoyed your blog posts, and they get me so pumped for camp every time. So thanks for the joy, and I am very impressed that you kept it up, good work! 🙂

  6. Matt says:

    I just want to post and say that I read every single one of your posts and they brought back sweet camp memories each time. It was really encouraging to hear about the joys that you’ve received by living at Red Rock.

    Side note: I never knew the Joshua tree had a name!

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

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