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365 Things I Love About Camp #80

April 27, 2009 by Kim

#80. I love Retreats of Silence!

I still clearly remember my first experience as a staff member, doing a retreat of silence. I had no idea how I was going to pass a few hours in the bush, only reading my Bible and praying. I had never spent such a long amount of time doing that before. And yet, it turned out to be one of those amazing, life changing experiences. It was like I broke free that day from all of my old ideas of what spending time with God could be like, and it reached a new level. The retreat of silence became one of my highlights of staff camp each year. To this day, blueberry muffins still remind me of those mornings when we were sent out with our breakfast in a bag to spend a few hours in the beauty and silence of nature, focusing on the presence of God. And then it became my own, and I realized that it didn

One Response to “365 Things I Love About Camp #80”

  1. Ben's Mom says:

    I’m responding to Ben’s request for comments (like a good mom should…).
    I really enjoy reading Kendra’s daily “Things I Love about Camp”. I don’t take the time to read it each day, but when I do read them every few days, I have more of them to enjoy. It somehow keeps me connected to your lives and what is important to you guys out there. Thanks for the blessings you give me, Kendra!

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