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Summer Staff 2009

March 10, 2009 by Kim

I posted this yesterday, March 10, and needed to make some additions today. This might be of interest to any of you who are Red Rock Bible Camp staff alumni, CIT alumni, or potential staff of 2009. What do the following people have in common?

Joey Traa

Jack Harrison

David Newsom

Kieran Hamm

Devyn Toews

Hilary Pauls

Jillian Requeima

Amber Radtke

Victoria James

Elizabeth James

Jordon Loewen

Jenelle Reimer

Victoria de Haan-Ward

Sadie Gamey

Kelsey Regehr

Zach Derksen

Hali Dirks

Janna Dirks

Joel Coursey

They are all summer staff alumni and their applications for Summer Staff 2009 are already at our office! I received emails this week from Mike Froese, Sarah Froese and Sara Bitner in which they indicated their applications are on the way. And, there is a mistery staff alumni applying to counsel for a week at Teens camp. I’ll give you a few clues and you can try to guess. 1) He has counselled CITs. 2) He is often on some weird diets. 3) He drives a red car.

You might also be interested to know that, we have applications from the following CITs of 2008: Cloe Wiebe, Holly Goosen, Madison Stott, Stefan Dirks, Kelley Binda,

2 Responses to “Summer Staff 2009”

  1. Brendon says:

    i am going to stab a guess and say Steve Moerman is the mystery counselor

  2. kimcoursey says:

    Good guess! You are right on. I could have just said, “The guy with muscles in his ear lobes!”

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