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5 Ways to Tell if You’ve Been on Staff at RRBC

September 24, 2009 by Kim

So, here’s my attempt at some humour for the blog. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe you can add some other ideas in the comments if you can think of some:

1. Hearing someone blowing a whistle more than once makes you tense up because a waterfront emergency drill may be occurring.

2. You know all about the Giant Yellow Leech in Red Rock Lake.

3. You have the prayer on the wall at the front of chapel memorized. (come on, you remember it, don’t you?)

4. You’ve had a BT with Kim. (might not be applicable to staff from too far back)


Okay, I left number five blank on purpose. I want people to write their suggestions in the comments and then I’ll re-post in a couple weeks with the winning idea. The grand prize will be…

…I’ll mention you when I re-post!

7 Responses to “5 Ways to Tell if You’ve Been on Staff at RRBC”

  1. Hali Dirks says:

    you know you’ve been on staff at RRBC when….
    after any meal (at home, at someone else’s home etc.) you look for a scraping bucket!

    ps. this has happened to me. haha.

  2. matt reimer says:

    you know you

  3. Brendon Giesbrecht says:

    you know your’ve been on staff at red rock if when ever you get in an argument with a younger sibling the first thing you think to do is take there tuck away.

  4. Heidi Dirks says:

    You can tell you’ve been a Red Rock staff member if you have dozens of camp shirts (perhaps some dating back to the 80’s?!), including general shirts, staff shirts, CIT shirts, Cyclathon shirts, etc. which make up the majority of your summer wardrobe.

  5. Matt Dirks says:

    You know you’ve been on staff at Red Rock when all of your paychecks say that Red Rock is paying you. Which is great.

  6. kimcoursey says:

    You know you’ve been on staff at Red Rock when you ask your mom for a scraping bucket after a meal.

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