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A Story of Devotion

August 13, 2011 by Kim

He was hopelessly in love! He, a rich member of royalty, had fallen in love with a poor woman. She was poor, uneducated and without any noble background! Why he loved her could not be understood or explained, but he loved her.

The king was unhappy because he did not know how to show this woman how much he loved her! He pondered how he could bridge the gap between the two of them. When His advisors learned of his dilemma, they recommended that he should simply propose marriage to her – he was a powerful man after all! The King, however, knew that power, even unlimited power, could not enforce love. He could force her to come to the palace; but he could not force her to grow love in her heart for him. He could perhaps secure her obedience with power, but the king did not want to subject any force upon her. He longed for and her to freely love him with all of her heart! In view of the facts, the advisors suggested to him that he should bestow his love and his heart on a woman of his standard – a woman who was worthy. But the king could not, and did not want to!

The king’s advisors only saw one option to bridge the divide between the king and the poor woman. The king should shower her with valuable gifts and raise her status to that of a noble.

The king considered this and said: “If I did that, how would I ever know that she loved me, and not the things that I possessed and the gifts I had given to her? Would she ever be able to forget that I was king and she was a poor woman?”

The king only saw one possibility left to achieve his goal – the love of this woman. He knew what He had to do. So He left his throne, took off his crown, and removed his royal clothing. He pulled on some rags and moved into a squalid hut. The king didn’t only take on the external guise of a farmer, but the life and rigours of a farmer as well. He became as poor as the woman he loved so that she could be with him forever and love him of her own free will.

No fairytale: Jesus loves you!

Jesus had left his throne, he give up his life at his father’s side to live here on earth as a mortal human! HE went through highs and lows just like us! He even died for us! Why Jesus!? So that we understand just how much he loves me and you!

February 2006 by Damaris P.

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