Core Values

The core beliefs that led to the founding of Red Rock Bible Camp and which continue to guide us.

Core Values

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These are the core beliefs that led to the founding of Red Rock Bible Camp that have remained central to its identity and its very being as an institution. They are the standard by which we measure all that we do and they bear witness to what we hold as dear.


1. The Bible: It is the authoritative Word of God given to us for guidance, instruction in daily living, salvation, and knowing God.


2. The Pre-eminence of Christ: Our summer camp program is Christ centered – focusing on His life and teachings. Believing that life begets life, modeling what Christ would do, providing humble, servant leadership and proclaiming His teachings are fundamental in all we do. Sacrificial love, holiness and integrity should characterize our board and staff members. Prayer and worship must be a priority at camp as they were with Christ. Worshipping God can and should be expressed through every activity at camp. Ministry must be done in the power and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit who Christ sent to indwell us. We must seek to be, “imitators of Christ” (Ephesians 5:1).


3. The Great Commission as central to the mission of the church: We seek to accomplish this at camp through evangelism, personal counseling, Bible teaching, and clear gospel messages without coercion. We also strive to help campers and staff to grow in their walks with Christ as well as training, developing and equipping young people in Christian leadership.


4. Christian camping as a highly effective ministry in helping to fulfill the great commission: A twenty-four hour a day, Christ centered environment which is free from many of the distractions of life is our goal. Camp closely follows Jesus’ style of discipleship and includes formal and informal instruction, modeling and teachable moments that are available as we live together in community.


5. Peace on earth. As the angels announced, Jesus came to bring peace on earth. Camp ministry is a redemptive agent of peace as we strive to bring individuals to peace with God (Romans 5:1) and peace with one another (Mark 9:50), restoring relationships that have been broken or marred by sin.


6. God’s Gifts and Resources: We recognize that God is the giver of all that we have that is good. Creation is one of the vehicles through which God has revealed Himself and for which He has made us stewards. The founders of the camp felt God led them to the current site which has a beauty unique to the Whiteshell. Creation directs people to their creator and so the utmost care must be taken to preserve it. Besides the natural environment, and wild life, stewardship includes the buildings, programs, equipment, financial and human resources He has provided. Each should be cared for with respect. These resources are to be used to direct people to God.


7. People as the crowning achievement of God’s creation: Every human being is important and is a unique individual created by God in His image. Each one is a disciple or a potential disciple of Christ and was created in God’s image. Therefore, campers, rental guests, visitors and staff should all be treated with love and respect. People should be esteemed as more important than programs or things or other created beings.


8. The Church: The church is the Bride of Christ and is the primary organism through which God does His work on earth. Therefore, Red Rock Bible Camp must fulfill its mission in harmony with the local church.


9. The Family and Marriage: Believing that marriage and the family are God’s design for companionship, care, procreation, nurturing children and building healthy stable societies and churches, our programs, policies and procedures will seek to uphold, support and develop healthy marriages (one man and one woman) and families as instituted and defined by God.



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