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Getting to know…Adam Friesen

May 29, 2012 by Kim


Leaning back on the couch, like someone straight out of the movie Anchorman, Adam Friesen ponders about his past year as a student at the University of Manitoba.


“I really just like that whole learning thing,” says Adam profoundly.


While getting to know Adam, you realize that he must be telling the truth; because I’ve never seen him do anything that he’s not spectacular at. With a combination of a desire to learn, and natural giftedness, Adam has completed his first year of engineering, and will be looking to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Because, well, he likes that whole learning thing.


But before he does that, Adam is the Maintenance Crew Chief for the next three months, and it’s somewhat scary to think that he’s learning even more through this experience.


“I’m already growing a ton,” he says while reflecting on his time as Crew Chief. “Every day I get to do different things that I normally wouldn’t be doing, and it’s a lot of fun to learn all these different skills as different things come up with this position.”


It’s Adam’s third year on staff at RRBC, and its hard to remember life here without him. Whether it’s dressing up like a 1970’s news anchor on his day off, performing for an exclusive Adam Friesen slam dunk compilation on the basketball court, or just beating everybody at almost everything, Adam has made quite the impression here, and his surprisingly humble approach to life naturally appoints him as a leader here at camp – a role that Adam is ready to embrace.


“As Crew Chief, I am going to be able to invest a lot more time into the staff here, which I’m excited for. Where before I would be concentrating a lot on my campers, I can now help out the younger staff, help guide them through their experience, and be more of a leader here.”


It’s a blessing to have Adam on our team, and we’re really thankful that God has brought him here. While at camp, Adam has asked for a few prayer requests:


  1. For God to grant him a good attitude throughout his time here, especially while doing some of the more mundane tasks around camp. (He helps clean toilets multiple times a week)
  2. For the motivation to spend quiet time with God to refuel and refocus his service here.


One Response to “Getting to know…Adam Friesen”

  1. Kim Coursey says:

    Hey Adam! Glad you are part of our team. Thanks for letting God use you in this way.

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