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Another Camp Wedding

July 12, 2010 by Kim

This time it was Jordan and Amber’s turn!

It was a very beautiful wedding, and I think that everybody had a really great time. If you’re thinking of getting married anytime soon, you should really think of becoming good friends with Joey Traa now already so that you can ask him to do a speech at your wedding, and then you’ll have the best wedding ever. Oh my goodness. He was amazing.

Here’s a bunch of pictures of staff that attended the wedding:

And here’s a picture of my handsome

3 Responses to “Another Camp Wedding”

  1. Kate says:

    “And here

  2. Nikyla says:

    you spelled my name wrong 😛 it’s with a K instead of a C. but thats okay, i won’t hold it against you.

    • kendrad says:

      I know I spelled it wrong! I’m sorry. You wouldn’t believe how long I spent trying to figure out what looked like the right way to spell it. And then I still spelled it wrong. But from now on, I will try to remember to use a K!

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