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Broomball tournament at Red Rock Bible Camp

January 27, 2009 by Kim

This last weekend we had a broomball tournament here at the camp, and overall things went great. We had five teams participate, starting on Sunday afternoon and extending to just around supper. Here is the list of the teams that we had:

The Paton Team
The E-Free Team
Red Rock Staff Team
Andy’s Team
The Kenora Team

As you can see, some of the names need a little work.

The games were all hard-fought and fun, and there was a great feeling of sportsmanship and fair play throughout the tournament. The finals had the E-Free team face off against the Paton team in an intense battle. In the end, the Paton team came out on top and took home their fifth (?) championship in a row.

Anyone else interested in getting in on this tournament for next year? We could have another alumni team, or a summer staff team, or just another team with anyone connected with Red Rock! (If you’re reading this blog, you’re connected with Red Rock.)

Just because pictures are really nice to have, I’ve included a cool picture Jeremy took of Kent Martens playing broomball when his group was out here a couple weeks ago. Nothing to do with the tournament, but it is broomball, so here it is:

Kent Martens - grace in motion.

Kent Martens - grace in motion.

3 Responses to “Broomball tournament at Red Rock Bible Camp”

  1. redrockcamp says:

    Actually the Red Rock Team had a name as well as jersey’s (well… t-shirts). We were known as ‘Cyclathon 39’)

  2. Brendon says:

    count me in i will take almost any excuse to go to red rock!

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