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Getting to Know…Carli Penner

June 25, 2012 by Kim

There’s been a lot of changes here at Red Rock Bible Camp over the last few months. We’ve gone from six full time staff members to three, and around the same time welcomed a new group of 16 spring staffers to join our team, and said goodbye to the Pursuit team that had been at camp all year. With everything changing so quickly, it’s important to have something consistant to keep everyone on track. In many ways, that consistant presence has been Carli Penner.


This coming summer will be Carli’s third summer on staff, but her experience goes beyond just summer camp. As one of our seasonal staff, Carli hasn’t left camp since last spring, and spent the year helping out with our camp needs in the winter and fall.


“I spent many hours on maintenance and in the kitchen, and even helping out with some things on program,” says Carli. “I’ve painted, cleaned eves, cleaned bathrooms, and cleaned just about everything just the same as the maintenance crew does now.”


Carli says she now has a great appreciation for what our maintenance crew does on a daily basis, but what Carli is known for is her great work in the kitchen, which is probably why she has signed on to be our Head Cook here at camp. With our Food and Services Director Josh Dueck ready to embark on his first summer camp here at Red Rock, Carli is going to be relied on for wisdom and experience to help guide everyone, and help things run smoothly.


Carli will surely be helping provide leadership this summer with a new batch of staff arriving in a weeks time, as she will be leaned on to teach and encourage the newer staff. And from all the time Carli has spent here over the last while, she knows God will work through her.


“God is working miracles here, and I’m so glad to be a part of it,” she says. “I love camp, and the atmosphere is great.”


Carli says that she has been growing immensely closer to God throughout her time here, and this spring has provided even more growth than the fall and winter months. Please pray that this growth and passion can continue. As well, Carli asks that you pray for God to shape her words and actions both at camp and away from camp, so that they will reflect how Jesus wants us to believe.


Carli is sticking around camp indefinitely, and we’re really excited about that. She is such an encouragement to the whole staff, and we look forward to everything that God is going to accomplish through her this year.


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