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CIT Campout report

August 25, 2009 by Kim

It was yesterday that we arrived back at camp with all the CITs after the campout, but it took me until now to recover and get around to posting about it. Here are some of the details/highlights from the weekend:

1. Weather – Saturday and Sunday ended up being great in regards to weather. No rain, some sunshine, and a slight breeze. We enjoyed some time at the beach during this stretch. Monday, the weather turned for the worst and we zipped back to camp early after packing up our gear in the rain!

2. Meals – I think that the CIT campout has the longest meals I have ever experienced. I finished doing pancakes Sunday morning by 11:00, and then we started lunch only around an hour and a half later! Supper lasted until after 8:00pm!

3. Sharing – The Sunday night fireside had a number of the CITs share some of their struggles that they were surrendering to God.

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