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And now for the CIT update!

August 20, 2013 by Kim Coursey

It has been a week since the CIT’s arrived, and since the weekend was the campout, I thought that it would be good to have an update on the CIT’s. Here is a guest post by Matt Kroeker, one of the CIT counselors.

Since the start of Counselor-In-Training 2013 we have enjoyed a jam-packed schedule full of fun and challenge. Facing new experiences has become regular for this year’s CITs since they began their program and new spiritual growth, friendship and learning have resulted. It’s hard to believe, but CIT 2013 is over half-way finished.

DSC_0144 (Medium)

CIT is not at ordinary time spent at camp. The 36 CITs are campers with extra privilege and responsibility. They had their first taste of life as a counselor on the Monday they arrived. That evening each of them was paired up with a spark camper, who would be their little brother or sister for the week. This involved spending time with them doing activities before chapel in the evening and leading them in devotions during Morning Watch. They also got to spend a whole day playing the part of counselors in the cabin; they went to skills, ate meals with the campers and lead evening devotions. This was a new situation for everyone, and though challenging and initially a bit intimidating for many CITs, it was a fun and rewarding time for them and our Spark campers.

DSC_9756 (Medium)

Of course, the CITs also spend much of their time with each other. The average day would include doing skills like rock-climbing or biking, attending sessions with guest-speakers, and taking time to study their CIT literature and do personal devotions.  Strong relationships are formed through prayer-partners and mentoring with their CIT counselors. Special highlights would also be the Group Use Times (GUTs) which are frequently fit into the schedule. Like Wednesday night, when the entire group met at the team-building center after chapel and worked together for over an hour to overcome the challenging obstacle course. Bonding in this excited atmosphere was followed by a nacho night put on by the CIT counselors in the dining hall.

DSC_0217 (Medium)

DSC_0290 (Medium)

After the campers left on Saturday, the CITs departed for the annual weekend campout. The weekend was enjoyed by the whole community as all of the CITs were able to spend time together outside of the regular camp atmosphere. Free time was an opportunity to hike, play volleyball, as well as hang out on the beach. There was also plenty of time for GUTs which included a game of watermelon rugby in the water among others. There was also time for quiet reflection during which the CITs departed on a two-hour ‘retreat of silence’ to pray, journal, read – whatever quiet time with God would involve for them, individually.

DSC_0151 (Medium)

Thank you for your prayers for the CIT’s, their counselors and the rest of camp. We have not run out of energy and it is because God is faithful!

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