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Getting to Know…Cloe Wiebe

June 17, 2012 by Kim


As awesome as it is to work here at Red Rock Bible Camp, it can be exhausting. Whether it’s a 6am morning in the kitchen, a whole day working in the crawlspace of the duplex on maintenance, or one of those nights as a counsellor where your kids just don’t go to sleep, the days can get long. On those long days, we try to cling on to any hint of positivity that we can find. After working with her this spring, I’ve discovered that the positivity that I desperately need can be found in Cloe Wiebe.


Cloe is a part of the lovely kitchen staff this spring (you gotta see her fruit carving masterpieces), and no matter what time it is during the day, you can count on a big smile and a friendly hello from Cloe to boost your day. Some people are blessed with an ability to be genuinely friendly, and Cloe is definitely one of those people.


With all that said, we’re obviously very excited that Cloe decided to work here at camp after spending the past year working at Starbucks. But as great as a barista as she must’ve been, Cloe hasn’t spent her whole post high school years there. In fact, a year ago Cloe was in Austria attending Capernwray Bible School over there, an experience that she will hold on to for her whole life.


As much as she learned in Austria, God continues to challenge her as she spent the last year in Winnipeg.


“God’s been challenging me a lot on trust,” says Cloe. “My original career goal didn’t work out, so I had to completely put all my trust in him, and believe that his plan for me is better than mine.”


That change of direction has lead her here to camp, but will ultimately lead her to the University of Winnipeg in the fall where she will be trying to get into the Faculty of Education. As excited as she is for school (she gets giddy even when someone mentions textbooks…weird, I know) she is very excited about where she is now, especially since she took a year off from camp last year.


Despite missing a year, Cloe will be looked to for leadership this summer, and I’m certain that her positive attitude and love for this ministry will serve her well in that position. Please pray for Cloe, and that God will provide her with a desire and wisdom to lead here, and also that she can keep up her positive attitude even when it gets difficult.


We could all benefit from Cloe’s outlook on life, and we’re blessed that we get to experience such a good example here first hand.

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