Sometimes in life it’s very easy to stick to the status quo. If things ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. And sometimes that can be applied correctly, but in order for something truly special to happen, it takes someone with ambition and vision to get it off the ground.


Cullen Klassen is one of those people, and if you get talking to him for even a short while, you’ll realize that he’s made for something special. Thankfully for us, he’ brought that passion and ambition to camp, as he arrived her in January to work on seasonal staff. After spending the three months prior to camp at Tauernhof Bible School in Austria, Cullen has used his time at camp to digest what he has been learning, and think about how he can put it to his life.


“This year has felt a lot like a waiting room sometimes,” he says. “It’s like God is using the time I’ve spent here to shape a vision in me and prepare me for what is yet to come.”


With big things on the horizon, Cullen is still mindful of living each individual day in obedience to God, which means he’s excited to see what God has in store for him this summer. And since this is Cullen’s third year on staff, he’s already seen God do some pretty amazing things through him as a counsellor.


“I’ve seen God work through me in many ways at camp,” says Cullen. “I’ve seen him work through me to lead more than half of one of my cabins to Christ in one day last summer. So often in the  summer I see him work by giving me the right words to say to a cabin during devotionals. But I’ve also seen him work in the small things here like having patience every day, and through gaining that little extra bit of energy in the middle of the day during swim, boat, and tuck time.”


Cullen is going to be taking these experiences to help guide some of the younger staff this year, as he will naturally fit into a leadership role this summer. With Cullen’s servant’s heart, and reliance on the Holy Spirit, he is sure to be a great example for the staff as a whole. And even though he does a great job here on a consistant basis, he is no different than all of our staff in the sense that he will need prayer this summer.


Cullen asks for prayer in the energy department, something that all of us staff consistently need. But he’s also is very mindful that he’s going to have to have an attentiveness to the Holy Spirit if he’s going to be doing God’s work in the most effective way possible.


Ever since Cullen arrived here in January, he’s been such a blessing to our ministry. We’re very confident that his passion for this place, and his vision for doing God’s work will result in some really cool things in Cullen this summer, and we can’t wait to see what that will look like.


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