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Getting to Know…Daniel Rempel

June 13, 2012 by Kim


“I like mullets, moustaches, and folk music. One day when my band makes it big, I hope to travel the world with a combination of the three of these things”


That’s pretty much Daniel Rempel in a nutshell.


Seriously. I’m not going to write anything else.



Why are you still here? That sounds like a pretty sweet life if you ask me.


Fine. I’ll keep writing. But the rest of this post is just filler, because you already know everything important about Daniel.


You’ve already seen quite a bit of Daniel on the blog already. His mullet is so blog friendly that every picture I take of him, I can’t bring myself to keep it off the blog. So he’s got that going for him.


As I’ve said before, Daniel is much more than a pretty face and silky hair. He’s a hockey player, devoted Christ follower, natural leader, and he’s a Bible and Theology student at Providence University College in what he describes as the “Metropolis of Otterburne, Manitoba.”


Daniel finds himself back at camp for the third year, and on spring staff for the first time. And as much as Daniel loves his place and the people who work here, his motivation for returning continues to be about something of great importance.


“I love the challenge of counselling a cabin of eight boys every week,” says Daniel. “That’s what keeps bringing me back. I have definitely not mastered this counselling thing, but I can’t wait for those boys to arrive so I can try to pour into their lives.”


He may not have mastered counselling, but the kids that come here are lucky to have a guy like Daniel guiding them through their week. This is partially because of what a great guy Daniel is, but it’s also because of his understanding of the necessity of God in his life.


“My role here is to live in obedience to Christ’s teachings,” says Daniel. “It’s an easy thing to overlook. I can try to be the best counsellor or the coolest big brother, but without Christ, that’s all for nothing.”


The great thing about camp is there is many people here trying to live in that same obedience, and through the staff keeping each other accountable, the mountain isn’t so hard to climb. However, Daniel also will need to rely on prayer to stick to this obedience. And for those who support our ministry, please support Daniel with your prayers as well.


“Each summer brings its challenges, and my prayer is that through it all I would maintain joy, not complain, and be ready to tackle the tasks thrown at me. Ultimately, I want to do this all for the glory of God.”


For this reminder, Daniel points to Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”


It’s great to see people on staff who are clearly here for the right reasons. Daniel is certainly one of those staff members. To close, here’s another picture of Daniels mullet. Enjoy.


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