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Discipleship thoughts, Part One

December 16, 2010 by Kim

This series was going to start earlier, but life hit…sickness, broken vehicles, and such. But here it is!


As we get closer and closer to the start of Pursuit, I will be sharing some thoughts every couple of weeks on discipleship in today’s western culture. Today is Part One…

Discipleship is a word that is often used in our churched culture of North America, but is seldom fully understood. What does it mean to be ‘discipled’? How does it occur? When should it be happening?

Too often, discipleship ends when someone makes their first commitment to following Jesus. Sometimes it extends beyond that commitment, perhaps to a baptism class or with a new believer’s course. But discipleship is something that occurs over the course of a lifetime. Ogden says that

5 Responses to “Discipleship thoughts, Part One”

  1. Kyle Friesen says:

    I’m in a discipleship group with our head pastor and 2 other men. We are actually using Ogden’s book as a tool. It’s good to remember that Jesus is the mentor, and we as disciples can encourage each other as we are ‘discipled’ by him together.

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