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More than a Jesus high

October 10, 2012 by Kim

There was a time where I used to doubt the effectiveness of camp ministry. I used to wonder whether a week or a summer could really make a lasting impact in my spiritual life.. But as I look back, I can see how the time I spent Red Rock was imperative to building my faith, as the “Jesus highs” I experienced there are so important to who I am now as a follower of Christ.

My name is Victoria (or “Dubs” as they call me at camp), and my first experiences at camp were from being a camper there for seven straight summers. As soon as I could, I signed up for CIT, and the next summer I was on staff, That summer after CIT was the start of quite the commitment in my life as I continued to serve at camp for four summers and two springs. Red Rock has a very special place in my heart, and I like to refer to it as my second home.

Working at camp taught me how to serve.  I learned that serving others could mean cleaning toilets or waking up early to make breakfast.

Camp was always an encouraging place to be. Camp brought people into my life who to this day, still encourage me and build me up. For me, camp was the place where I became fully comfortable with who I am.

At camp I developed my leadership skills. I was encouraged to discover the skills & talents God had given me and use them in serving him.

Camp ministry taught me how to seek God. Although my time spent at Red Rock was just for the summer, it was there where I learned how to work on my relationship with God, even when I was away from the “bubble” of camp.


These days, I work in Volunteer Services at Siloam Mission. At Siloam, I have the privilege of supporting and caring for our volunteers and I am absolutely passionate about what I do. Although my job no longer involves teaching canoeing to campers or leading devotionals in cabins, I can see how all those experiences at Red Rock have prepared me for what I am doing now. Leaving camp ministry wasn’t easy, but I love seeing how God can take the growth I experienced at camp, and help me use it to serve Him in brand new ways at a brand new stage in my life.



One Response to “More than a Jesus high”

  1. Kim Coursey says:

    Thanks Victoria! So good to here and so encouraging. Thanks for your ministry at Red Rock and at Siloam.

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