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Family Camp 2012

September 6, 2012 by Kim

This past September long weekend was one for the ages. Over 100 people came out for what is one of Red Rock’s best weekends of the year. Families from all over southern Manitoba made the trek out to camp on Friday evening to enjoy a fantastic weekend in the Whiteshell


The first thing on the agenda after getting settled and moving into cabins and rooms, was the classic wiener roast around the fire. It was a great chance for family campers to get to know new people and get reacquainted with family campers that make it a yearly tradition to attend.


After the wiener roast, we had to do the typical orientation and introductions, and then people were given the rest of the evening to hang our and relax.


On Saturday morning, we encouraged families to begin the day by doing family devotions together, and what better place to do that than beside the lake. After the families spent some God time together, they were getting hungry, and nothing says “Good morning” like a hearty breakfast. Many pancakes were had and orange juice consumed. Following breakfast we began our activities. Families had the option to take part in Mountain Biking, Wall Climbing, Arts and Crafts, swimming and the ever-popular water sports including, water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding.

After that activity slot we had lunch and families got to meet others and converse with them over a great meal. Following the meal, we had more activity time. And the weather was fantastic for pontoon boat rides, swimming, climbing, boardsailing, kayaking, mountain biking, crafts and archery. The line up for boating was endless, but with great weather, great boat drivers, and great water sports, it was all worth it.

Later that afternoon, we encouraged people to go on a hike to crevice point, and before we knew it, it was suppertime.


Later that evening we had our first chapel time. Scott McIntosh, Kendra & Jared Parker, Jayelle Friesen & Allan Mailloux led the music for the chapel sessions, and it was great to see families worshipping together. Chuck Nichols, who is no stranger to Red Rock, was the speaker for the family camp weekend and challenged us with looking at the Psalms. During these sessions he focused on the Word of God, and that we as followers need to be consistently in the word in order to grow our relationship with God.


During the message component of the session we had some staff look after the children’s church component of the weekend, and we and the parents really appreciated all that work that they did.


Once it got dark after chapel, some of our summer staff and former staff led some daring family campers on a night hike to echo. They all made it back in one piece and with smiles on their faces. It was a nice way to finish off a nice day.


The next morning was Sunday, and after breakfast we had an open Sunday Service for our guests in the Whiteshell area. It was a packed chapel and again Chuck challenged us by looking at Psalm 15 and the importance of character.


During chapel it rained, but the sun came out after lunch and we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunny afternoon at the lake, and again family campers got a chance to participate in the many awesome activities we have at camp.

After a busy afternoon, it was time for supper, and Josh and the kitchen crew prepared some delicious pizza. I want to take a minute and thank all the people who helped this weekend. They are: Jack Harrison, James Harrison, Jayelle Friesen, Gloria Friesen, Sarah Pries, David Pries, Erik Weibe, Karl Dirks, Jordan Heibert, Jeremy Klassen, Loralie Friesen, Abi Voth, Hannah Voth, Emily Plett, Yeji Ha, Jessie Dyck, Caleb Dickey and Colin Thiessen. They helped teach skills, drive boats, helped in the kitchen and helped make this weekend a great success. Thank you to you all!


On Sunday evening we had our last chapel session of the weekend as Chuck shared from Psalm 37 and the importance of Trusting God. God really spoke through Chuck on this weekend, and the Spirit was certainly moving through the Worship team as well, and we thank them all so much for that. Later that evening, we enjoyed our finals hours at camp with a campfire and some campfire songs, and others went on yet another night hike.


On Monday morning we had some delicious breakfast and then went right back into activities as it was a perfect sunny day. Tubing was busy, people went for rides around the lake and people went for rides through the air and then crashing into the water. There were smiles all around. The bikers went on one last ride and the climbing went for one last climb.

One tradition at family camp is that we get everyone to help us pull in our docks for the season. Men lifted and paddled and the tractor pushed and the docks are now in their winter resting place. Thanks goodness we don’t have to do it all ourselves.

Just before everyone departed we had one last meal and we opened the tuck shop for those who needed something for the ride home. As the last family campers left it was bittersweet. It was a busy weekend, but a great weekend to make some memories as a family, grow closer as a family and grow closer to God. Overall it was a fantastic weekend and again thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible, and thanks to all of the family campers that came out for Family Camp 2012. Hope to see you all next year!


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