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Friday fun – Would you rather?

May 21, 2010 by Kim

So, in all fairness, I got this idea from a different blog I follow, but I thought it would be a fun addition to our blog. Perhaps it will become a regular feature at the RRBC blog.

Just submit your answer to the following question in the comments:

Would you rather…
…go without television the rest of your life or without junk food the rest of your life?

If you feel like it, include the reason for your answer!

4 Responses to “Friday fun – Would you rather?”

  1. Matt says:

    i’d have to say junk food because there are so many other good tasting foods out there!

  2. Tyler Derksen says:

    Without Junk Food Easily

  3. Carly says:

    TV… I’d much rather spend time indoors or outdoors with people than mindlessly watching a screen for hours on end.

    Though I must say a lifetime without junk food would probably be better for you…

  4. Jack Harrison says:

    can i pick both?

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