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God’s vision and purpose for your life.

March 3, 2011 by Kim

I wonder, how many times do young people in the age bracket of 17-20 get asked what their plans are for the next year, or even further into the future? I remember being asked that question very often. Sometimes, just for fun, I would tell people that I was going to be an astronaut. Really, someone could make some good money printing off business cards for young adults that come with a standard response of some sort. Maybe a card with multiple choice on it, and the answer for that day could be checked off before handing the card over.

Next year, I will:
Circle one:

a) Become an astronaut.
b) Live on the streets.
c) Mooch off my parents and play Xbox all day.
d) All of the above.
e) I have no idea!

Or instead of making cards like this, check out this blog post by Steven Furtick about figuring out God’s plan for your life. It’s very applicable to all ages, not just young adults.

Also, check out Pursuit, RRBC’s 8 month discipleship program. Or pass the link on to someone else who might be interested.

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