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July 6, 2010 by Kim

(That’s for Ben and all the spring staff who make fun of Ben for announcing “Housekeeping!” when he needs to go through a bunch of random announcements.)

So, a couple of things:

1) I’ve decided to put my weekly posts, entitled “Things Happening at Camp This Week” on hold until the end of summer, for a few reasons. One is that we will be having the same kinds of things happening every week for the next 8 weeks – new campers will arrive, and we will do skills, eat, go to chapel, and have a really incredible time. I’m coming up with a bunch of new ideas for how we will keep you up-to-date with all of the amazing things going on here at camp this summer. And as much as I love writing stuff for the blog and taking pictures, I would really, REALLY love seeing other people’s pictures, and reading what they have to say about camp this summer. So I’m hoping that we can have all kinds of fun stuff going on here, but not so much from me, because I am not the one out there, in the cabins, getting to see the kids experience camp and God and everything else.

2) As you may or may not have noticed, the number of pictures of my own family on this blog has been decreasing, for the exciting reason that I have my own personal blog now! Yay! (I’ve become slightly addicted…) The reason is because a whole bunch of my family and friends were coming to the camp blog just to see our family and to stay connected with us, and were wanting to see more pictures of us than there already were, which would be a lot. Since that’s not really the focus of the camp blog, I decided to have a blog that would fill that need a little more – if you want to see us, go to my blog, if you want to see camp, you come to this one. Perfect. So in case any of you are really missing those pictures of our adorable children, check out the “Blogroll” at the right, and click on the link to my blog.

3) In honor of our very first day of camp tomorrow, we’ll be doing a fun give-away here on the blog! Come check it out.

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