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How can you help? Donate Stuff!

May 8, 2012 by Kim

Over the years, Red Rock Bible Camp has been extremely blessed with amazing support from our Red Rock family. Our family is a big one with with campers and staff members of the past and present, the parents of those campers and staff, and really anyone who has come in contact with us and our ministry since we were born in 1947. Really, if you’re reading this blog, you’re a part of our family as well.

With such a vast and caring family, we are often asked the question, “How can we help?”.  At RRBC, we often have many needs, whether it be prayer, money, or even just stuff. This blog is going to help give you all a better idea of our prayer needs, and events like the upcoming Cyclathon are great opportunities for you to help financially. But sometimes we have very specific needs around camp in the form of equipment, tools or whatever other things will help us do our job out here better.

Which is why we created the Donate Stuff page on our website, where people who want to help us out can see what our needs are, and help us out if they feel led.

So, please visit our Donate Stuff page to see how you could help, and to find out about any additions to the page, or other needs around camp, why don’t you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook while your at it!


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