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Ignite 1- Monday

July 8, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Welcome Ignite 1 campers! We hope your time here is fun but more importantly- educational! Okay well maybe you are not here to be in school again, so we can just call it growing spiritually.

In all seriousness though, the theme this summer is the Kingdom, and it was picked with the intent that campers would learn and understand what the Kingdom of God is all about. We are praying for you all, and I am sure there is a whole team praying for each one of you back home. Tonight you will meet Cam and Myra- not that you haven’t already because they are spectacular and love to hang out with you on their off time. Cam and Myra are the camp speakers for Ignite 1, and so they will be teaching you about the Kingdom in chapel. The speakers are not the only ones that can help you understand, your counselors and big brothers or sisters are also a part of the Kingdom and know some things that they can share with you.

Even during skill, your skill leaders will also have time for you if you have any questions about God or heaven or whatever is on your heart. Even if what’s on your heart at the time is wanting to know how to get better at skill….

See you tomorrow!

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