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Ignite 1- Thursday

July 11, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Campers woke up this morning and it seemed like it would be a typical day again today.

Discovery happened.

DSC_0102 (Medium)

Skill came.

DSC_0048 (Medium)

But then lunch happened. It was pretty cool. Picture buffet tables with taco salad ingredients, and Kitchen Staff behind them in sombreros serving. Pretty fun right? Well on top of that, picture Mexican music playing through the speakers the whole lunch. Even better.

DSC_0014 (Medium)DSC_0015 (Medium)

That seemed to be the best fun part of today, because more skill happened, and Swim Boat Tuck happened where some kids got crazy tube rides.

DSC_0082 (Medium)

DSC_9744 (Medium)DSC_9745 (Medium)DSC_9762 (Medium)DSC_9901 (Medium)

Chapel was great tonight; Cam played the role of Jesus’ disciple Peter and told his story and testimony from the Bible.

DSC_0027 (Medium)

And then snack happened! This time we had nachos, and Mexican music was played again! What a fun day. Unfortunately it was so fun that there are no pictures of snack.

Keep praying for these campers!

One Response to “Ignite 1- Thursday”

  1. Lori Scharfenberg says:

    There is a picture of snack I think. See instagram Red Rock?

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