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Ignite 1- Wednesday

July 10, 2013 by Kim Coursey

The events today were pretty similar to yesterdays events- Morning Watch, Discovery, Skills and Swim Boat Tuck. But tonight’s chapel was something different. Myra spoke about something that was on her heart, and it also resonates with God’s. She and Cam did a skit that talked about jobs in a kingdom. She asked the campers “What would happen if someone in the kingdom stopped doing their job?”.
DSC_0066 (Medium)

The Kingdom would fall apart if any one of us would stop doing our job. Sometimes we look at others and say “I want to be like them”, when in reality, God made us who we are because he wanted us to be that way. We all fit into the Kingdom in some way, and God has a plan for us all. We need to know who we are in God’s Kingdom. Whose message are you listening to- the worlds, or God’s?

DSC_0092 (Medium)

Myra had previously asked everyone- the campers and staff- all to get a rock for the Chapel session tonight. She did an illustration where each rock represented each one of us. As we put them down on the table, they started to become something. It was to show that each one of us has a role in the Kingdom. Though we might all be different and have different jobs to do, we are all important. We are all loved by Jesus.

DSC_0044 (Medium)

“You are God’s masterpiece.” -Myra

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