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Ignite One: Rock Hops and Big Air

July 13, 2012 by Kim

The heat stayed up, but the sun stayed away on day four of the first Ignite camp of the summer. Despite a “Severe Thunderstorm Watch” hovering over Red Rock throughout the day, the rain that came down was very minimal, and the campers and staff enjoyed a day without the sun breaking us down and tiring us out.


The lack of sun meant the campers had a little more energy than yesterday, which resulted in a higher participation in the more “extreme” activities here at camp (Don’t worry, they aren’t all that extreme, and we practice good risk-management at all times, safety first). For example, the Mountain Biking skill seems to usually be filled up with some real adrenaline junkies, and as if biking wasn’t extreme enough, they decided to bike over to Crevice Point to do some rock hopping with the Water Ex skill.

We call it “rock hopping” because it certainly can’t be called cliff jumping due to it’s lack of…cliff. But, it’s always a fun time to jump off, even if it’s just a few meters high. Adrenaline junkies I tell ya…no hands.

The great part about Crevice Point is that even if you’re not into the hopping, it’s just another cool place to relax and enjoy the scenery that we have here. That being said, I don’t know whether or not these girls took the plunge, but it sure looks like they’re enjoying themselves.

What a great picture. It is such a joy to be able to put a smile on these kids faces with the programs and activities we put on each week. It’s when we see the smiles on their faces where we can really see the joy of God, and the clear way He’s working here at camp. Thank you so much for your prayers so far, God is certainly answering them.

Rock hopping and mountain biking weren’t the only ways these kids were getting extreme yesterday. We got a see a glimpse of the water skiers on yesterday’s blog, but today Emily hopped on the boat with the wakeboarding skill to get some action shots of the boarders. It’s really cool to see the improvement of some of the kids from day to day during the week. This guy seems to have got his control all figured out in this awesome action shot.

But the run has got to end at some point, and it’s always a lot cooler when it ends in an awesome wipeout. No campers were hurt in the snapping of this photo.

 However, it wasn’t just an all-extreme Thursday here at camp, as the Fishing skill was holding it down in the incredibly relaxing pontoon boat. According to the skill instructors, there were some pretty big fish caught this week, some even had to be held with two hands. So a big congratulations to the Fishing skill for having a phenomenal week. They will have one more day to catch the best fish they can, and I’ll try to keep you updated on how that goes!

And what is more relaxing than taking a nice smooth ride in a kayak on a calm glassy lake? Haven’t tried it? Well, then you should get down to RRBC to give it a spin. Or invest in your own I suppose. We prefer you come here.

The rock climbers have climbed all of the walls we have to offer at camp, and so they took some time to relax and learn how to tie knots with our climbing instructor, Gloria. You may knot always need to know how to climb, but you’re going to need to know how to tie a good knot at some point in your life.

Thursday’s schedule was pretty much the same as Wednesday in every way, however the kids got the opportunity during Swim, Boat, Tuck to participate in maybe the most well-liked activity our camp has to offer: Tubing.

The light rain certainly did not dampen these campers desire to tube, as Stefan, our boatman, took the kids on some awesome tube rides. Tubing is one of those activities that kids end up talking about all day, and if you were hanging out with the kids yesterday you would surely hear them rave about how high their tube flew in the air. It’s how urban legends are made.

Speaking of legends in the making, it’s time for our Olympic update!

During our Cabin Choice time yesterday evening, Poplar Point decided to use the time to go hunting for the Olympic Rings. The result was quite a successful one. They are holding up three fingers because their cabin alone has found three out of the five rings. Clearly they are psyched, and their eyes are locked in on to the Pizza Party prize.

And while Poplar Point was hunting for medals, half of the boys at camp were hunting for honour as they competed against the girls in the second half of our Minute to Win It Challenge. On Wednesday, the girls took it home, but this day belonged to the boys, who vowed to redeem their brothers who previously fell to the mighty women. It was one hour of intense screaming, and intense skill, and congratulations to everyone who participated as some of the challenges were actually quite difficult.

The day finished off with yet another amazing Chapel service, as we sang together in Worship, and listened as Cam broke down the death of Jesus, and how that should effect our lives. It was a very powerful message, and many campers took the time to stay back with their counsellors after Chapel to talk about it further. God has been speaking clearly through Cam and Myra this week, and it’s truly been a blessing having them around.

There you have it. Another great day at Red Rock Bible Camp. We will have one more post this week that should be up Saturday afternoon, and we look forward to seeing some of you parents, family members, and friends at the Parents Program tomorrow!

Until next time, peace.

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