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Ignite 2: Over the hump

August 23, 2012 by Kim

It’s hard to believe that Wednesday has already come and gone, and that we find ourselves with only two full days left of summer camp. What a week it’s been, and what a day it was as the Ignite campers and the CIT’s put every ounce of energy they had into having a great day.

The day started wonderfully, as the campers met up with their new best pals (the CIT’s and their counsellors), and worked though their Morning Watch books on the rocks. It’s been amazing to see these CIT’s really step up and help these kids grow, and we praise God for speaking through them during this time.

After Morning Watch, the campers broke off into their cabin groups for Discovery like they always do. But at this point the campers are so close that Discovery has basically just become “Huge Each Other”. I guess you could argue that’s a form of team building? And I suppose we’re told to love our neighbours…

The signs of friendship continued as the campers went to their skill areas. The skimboarders have began to master the art of boarding, and now it looks like they just want to enjoy each others company. How precious.

It was also an exciting day for the waterfront skills on Wednesday, as both the kayakers and canoers were having some extra fun. The kayakers lined up all their kayaks and played Keyboard, or Piano Keys, or Piano, or something along those lines, I don’t know what it’s called. Regardless, they hopped from one kayak to the other, and then jumped into the water. It looked like a lot of fun.

The canoers made sure to wear their bathing suits because it was tipping day!  It’s the one day of the week where the campers have permission to tip their canoes, and then the instructors teach them how to rescue each other. The tipping part is a lot of fun, but the rescuing is just a lot of work.

The waterskiers have been having a great week behind the boat, and it seems like some of them are really getting the hang of it. In fact, one of the campers was effortlessly slalom skiing with just one ski. There’s a good chance he’s probably tried it before, but it’s still awesome to see how good some of these campers are at their skills.

Wednesday brought us another beautiful day outside, which consequently meant another successful Swim, Boat, and Tuck. This is starting to become the campers favorite part of the day as they are making many new friends even from outside their cabin group. Hey, check out Carter and Joel – they’re friends!

The dock became a very popular spot for the Ignite campers during swim time. In fact, they may have taking things a little overboard as the girls needed the dock all to themselves. Poor Danny, he’s just trying to look out for them.

Not only did the girls get to take over the dock, but they were able to take over the rest of the lake, as they were given the privilege of tubing during Swim, Boat, and Tuck. The girls prefer a slightly tamer ride than the fellas, but I’m sure tubing will come up as a highlight of the week for some of them anyway.

The Olympic theme for the week has still been going on strong, as campers have been working hard to earn medals to win the ultimate prize. You know they’re really back into the Olympic spirit when you see Usain Bolt poses everywhere you go.

Speaking of the spirit of competition, some of the Ignite campers played an intense game of Minute to Win it on Wednesday night, which saw the girls go up against the guys in another legendary matchup of the genders. The girls were quick to figure out one of the toughest challenges called Johnny Applestack.

But according to the confidence on this guy’s face, the guys may have edged out the girls in the muscle department (although I’m sure the girls would have something to say about that).

The rest of the camp split off into their cabin groups and participated in Cabin Choice, which basically means they did whatever the counsellor planned out for an hour. Regardless of what they did for that time, I’m pretty sure good times were had by all.

It was another great day at camp, but we would still like prayer for a few things. There are still some campers, but mostly CIT’s and staff who have caught the flu bug over the past few days. Please pray for God to heal them so they can put everything into these campers. Please also pray for safety and health throughout the rest of the week, and that God can continue to guide these campers through life-changing spiritual growth. We really appreciate your prayers, and we’ve been shown many times this summer that those prayers really do work, and God really does answer them.

Thank you for your patience on this blog post, and I assure you we should be back on schedule tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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