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Ignite Two: Day Two

August 23, 2012 by Kim

In many ways, the second day of camp is my favorite of the week. It’s on the second day where the excitement of being at camp is still quite fresh, and you’re past all of the introductions and orientations of the first day. More often than not, the second day of camp ends up being one of the better ones, and yesterday was no exception.

The day started off how it will for the rest of the week, with the campers meeting with their Big Brothers and Sisters to read their Bible on the rocks for Morning Watch. The cool part about Morning Watch this week is that the CIT’s make up the majority of the Big Brothers and Sisters. The CIT’s have one week of experience as we did the same thing during Kindle week, and it’s awesome to see the excitement they have for this service, and how well they get along with these younger campers. I’m really excited to see the friendships that will be made through these times together.

After Morning Watch, the campers broke up into their cabin groups for Discovery, which is basically just team building activities with a message related to our walk with God. Early in the week, these team building activities can really be hit or miss, but it’s awesome to see the improvement throughout the week as these campers begin to trust each other.

From there, the campers met up with their skill groups as they built off of what they learned there yesterday. The skimboarders once again enjoyed the great weather at the beach, and were learning how to fly across the wet sand.

The kayakers haven’t seemed to have moved since yesterday, as according to this picture they are still stuck on the shore. I guess it looks like she’s having fun at least…

The canoers on the other hand certainly look like they’re having a good time. It’s always great to see that kind of genuine happiness whenever I take a look at these pictures. I’m glad they’re having fun.

The sports skill played some volleyball yesterday, and of course it was important to warm up before they started keeping score. After their game of volleyball, I observed them playing the most intense teatherball game I’ve ever seen, so you can be sure that they are also having a great time.

The afternoon had the campers finishing out the rest of the skills for the day, with some Swim, Boat, and Tuck in between. Swim, Boat, and Tuck was a time of enjoyment for the staff, CIT’s, and the campers. The campers liked it because they got to eat the candy they’d be waiting all day for.

The CIT’s and the staff enjoyed it because it meant that it was time for hoops! In the past we’ve done CIT’s vs Staff, but this time around the teams were mixed. It seems like the rivalry has died, but the spirit of the game lives on.

After some delicious pizza for supper, the campers met up with their Big Brothers and Sisters once again to basically just hang out and enjoy each others company. This ends up being many of the CIT’s favorite parts of the day, which really shows you where there heart is at. We’re all really happy the CIT’s are here.

After Big Brother, Big Sister, the campers met back up at the Chapel to praise God, and also to listen to what our speaker Heather had to say. Please continue to pray for Heather, that she can rely on God for the words to say, and that these campers can be motivated to grow closer to God through what she has to say.

After Chapel, the campers met back at Pine Lodge for a classic game of Collector’s Choice. Collector’s Choice is basically a stock trading game where campers need to collect sets of cards, and sell them for money when the stocks to those specific cards are high. It ends up looking a lot like organized chaos, but it’s pretty much always a great time. And if you weren’t really into buying and selling, then you also had the opportunity to win money at the mini games set up in the lounge.

If you really weren’t into trading stocks, we had nachos afterwards, so I think everybody won in this situation.

Tuesday was a great day at camp, and we ask that you pray that this can continue, and that these campers will have a desire to learn and grow in their relationship with God. Please also pray against the flu bug that seems to be going around, and that God can heal the campers and staff, and that the campers can still have a great time and encounter God. Also pray for our nurse this week, Louise, and that she can have wisdom and energy to deal with the increased visits to the infirmary.

Since we missed yesterday, you should expect to see another post on the blog at some point today about how Wednesday went. Until then, have a fantastic day!

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