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Insights from the Infirmary

July 26, 2009 by Kim

My week of camp nursing came to an end yesterday. The morning was busy with one last round of morning medications to give, one final bandaid applied to a little scraped knee, and all medications returned to their owners. I got in a bit of the parents program and enjoyed the BBQ after (many thanks to Food Services Director Matt Dirks and his kitchen staff for the fabulous food all week)! Then it was time to clean the infirmary and the room I occupied all week. Thanks especially to my husband Wally for helping me with all that packing and cleaning and for allowing me out of the house for yet another week to have the opportunity to serve at camp. It was a very rewarding experience!

I returned to camp this morning to attend Sunday morning chapel since I am now vacationing in the Whiteshell with my family. As much as I enjoyed my week, it was kind of nice to be able to sit through a whole chapel session knowing I would not be interrupted to deal with ableeding cut or a stomach ache, or getting back to the lodge for another round of medications!

Well, that concleds my blogging since I no longer hold the keys to the infirmary (even though I keep checking my pockets for the keys and 2-way radio)! Thanks to Kendra for assisting me with these postings. Please keep checking back here as she continues “365 Things I Love About Camp”! Also please keep on praying for health and safety for the staff and campers here at Red ROck for the remainder of the summer.


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