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Getting to Know…Jack Harrison

June 11, 2012 by Kim

We often have a pretty diverse staff here at Red Rock Bible Camp. We have our athletes, our jokesters, our country kids, and our city slickers, but every once in while, we get someone who is truly a camp person. Jack Harrison is a camp person, which may be one of the reasons that he has been living here for two years straight.


Whether he’s climbing up a cliff, kayaking in a swamp, or going on one of his many extreme night hikes, the man was made for a place like this.


Many of you may have already heard of Jack, as he was one of the students of our Pursuit discipleship program this year. Like spring and summer staff, the idea of Jack going on pursuit seemed bang on for everyone who knows him. Sometimes you can physically see Jack itching for adventure, and through canoe trips, dogsledding, and snorkeling in the Caribbean, Jack sure satisfied that itch.


But Jack also used his time on Pursuit to grow closer to God. Through this growth, he has been challenged to practice complete devotion to God both in the significant moments of his life, but also in the little things too. God has a way of revealing himself clearly here at camp, and Jack probably knows this better than anyone.


“I love pretty much everything about camp,” says Jack. “I love the location, being so close to so much wilderness. I guess most of all I love the people that make camp what it is, and the community of a group of staff all working towards a common goal together.”


That seems to be a common thought throughout the staff here, and it’s people like Jack that help bring that unity into place. This common goal Jack talks about is exactly what makes our staff special, and when we’re all focused on God, that’s when amazing things happens.


Which is exactly what Jack is looking for prayer about.


“My biggest prayer is that I can keep my focus on God, and that I will be a good example in whatever I do,” says Jack.


I can assure you that Jack has been a great godly example on Spring Staff, prayer for the rest of the spring and summer would be very much appreciated.


You now know a little bit more about Jack Harrison, which will come in handy when five years from now people will be saying, “Remember the time when Jack (insert crazy/sweet thing here)”

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