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Getting to Know…James (Jimmy) Harrison

June 15, 2012 by Kim

When’s the last time you went on an adventure?


Ask James Harrison, and chances are he just came back from one. As the parkour specialist at camp, it’s Jimmy’s job to get from place to place in the coolest way possible. In fact. just the other day he had a crowd of kids standing by mesmerized as he just started hopping over picnic tables. Jimmy is the kind of guy who does a lot of crazy things, and by doing that he just makes people happy.


In his second year of staff at RRBC, James has been given the important role of Waterfront Director. Following in his brother Jack’s footsteps, James will be leading the summer life guards, and overseeing the well populated waterfront area. It’s a big role for a young man like James, but so far this spring he has proved that he is up for the challenge.


This is not surprising as just like in his every day transportation, he isn’t one to take the easy road. God has also been challenging him to take the hard road through the Christian apologetics courses he has been taking this year, which has helped give him the tools to find answers to difficult questions in his faith.


Jimmy has also learned through this year the importance of memorizing scripture, and how that helps you defend your faith and bring you closer to God’s truths at all times. It’s Jimmy’s constant seeking of God that will help him be the leader that camp needs him to be this summer, and prayer for this leadership will be necessary from both Jimmy, and those who care about him and this ministry.


Jimmy would also like people to pray for wisdom and energy throughout this spring and summer, since the responsibility of the waterfront is quite large, and things aren’t going to work well if we try to do things on our own.


People like James are the ones who really help with camp unity, because they are the ones who refuse to let morale go down by just being a fun guy to be around. What’s great is that he’s also certainly here to serve God.


“This year im looking forward to growing closer with God, and with the people around me, as we work and play together,” says James.


Camp can be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. And I love the reminder that although we go through a lot of stress together, we still play together as well. And it’s hard to think of a better guy to do that with than James Harrison.

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