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Getting to Know…Jayelle Friesen

June 16, 2012 by Kim

When you stay at Red Rock Bible Camp, you’re not exactly roughing it. But despite our modern hospitality, the natural elements of the Whiteshell will always stay the same. Everyone can appreciate a beautiful sunset on the lake, or a breath taking thunderstorm in the summer, but very few truly experience these elements to the fullest.


Jayelle Friesen is one of the few people that I’ve seen really experience everything the Whiteshell has to offer. If you can’t find Jayelle, chances are she’s out kayaking, climbing a cliff or going on some sort of exploration of God’s beautiful creation here at Red Rock. With that in mind, Jayelle’s favorite part of camp comes as no surprise to anyone.


“I love being out in God’s amazing creation,” says Jayelle. “No matter how many times I see it, I’m still blown away by a clear, starry night, the sun rising over a foggy lake, or catching a glimpse of Northern Lights.”


However, above all else, Jayelle’s favorite part about camp is the community, which she describes as her “own little family.” This seems about right considering Jayelle lived here for four years when she was young as her parents were full time staff at camp. That’s got to be the ultimate playground for a young child, and that’s probably where Jayelle’s appreciation for creation around here comes from.


This year, Jayelle comes to camp after a year at Steinbach Bible College which developed a passion for God’s word within her.


“This year, God has challenged me to really dig deep into His Word, and keep the Bible as my foundation,” says Jayelle. ” Going to school and studying the Word every day has helped me grow in my knowledge and love for the Bible and its author.”


Currently, Jayelle is working in the kitchen on spring staff, and is bringing her joyful attitude into that area of our ministry. However, in the summer, Jayelle will be doing a lot of counselling on top of playing piano on our worship team, something that she’s especially looking forward to.


As far as prayer goes, Jayelle would appreciate it if you could pray for her to keep focused on God, and remember to spend time alone with Him despite the busyness of camp. Through that focus and alone time, she is hoping to be the best Christ-like example she can be this summer.


We’re very blessed to have someone like Jayelle on staff who not only brings maturity and spiritual leadership to the group, but also flat out knows how to have fun. So if you end up bumping into Jayelle this summer, make sure you ask her what she’s been up to, because I’m sure she’ll have a crazy story or two to tell.

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