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Kendra’s 365 things I love about camp put on hold for a few days

May 30, 2009 by Kim

And here is the reason!

Kaylia Isabelle Hope was born Friday, May 29. We were a little surprised by how early, very excited, and so thankful that although she didn’t wait until Daddy came home, he was able to spend the whole weekend before going back to class in BC on Monday. The girls are all at home now (June 2) and are recovering/ adjusting to life/ keeping Grandma busy (Guess who’s doing what). Thanks for your prayers!

Exclusive (for now) photos!

5 Responses to “Kendra’s 365 things I love about camp put on hold for a few days”

  1. Esther Reimer says:

    Congrats! She looks absolutely beautiful! Love the family photo!

  2. Carly Goodrich says:

    Congratulations to all of you! She will be a sweet little addition to to your wonderful family. Virtual hugs will have to do, but know that they are there and they are many =).

  3. Naomi Dueck says:

    Congrats!! Wow was I ever surprised to hear that junior had arrived early. So very happy for you and what an answer to prayer. Can hardly wait to meet her. btw, love the name.

  4. kimcoursey says:

    Congratulations Ben, Kendra and Anika! What a beautiful daughter and sister.

  5. Sharon Friesen says:

    Congratulations!!! So excited for all of you, especially Anika 🙂 Can only imagine how many times in a day she wants to hold Kaylia…

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