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Kindle 1- Monday

July 15, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Well, Monday arrived and with it, a new batch of campers! This week, for those of you reading who don’t have campers is Kindle 1. What an exciting week! Our very own Executive Director, Kim Coursey is our speaker this week. Tonight in chapel he told us a few things about the Kingdom including that the Kingdom is about relationship with Jesus Christ, and he explained what that looked like by doing a small skit with Mark.

DSC_0112 (Medium)DSC_0104 (Medium)

At the beginning of chapel, Mark was kneeling on the front of the stage praying the Lord’s Prayer. He would say a few lines, and then “God” would interject (Kim played the role of God) and ask questions wondering if Mark really knew what he was talking about. He explained each verse to make it understandable for the campers. It really translated into real daily life actions.

 DSC_0119 (Medium) 

This afternoon had the campers picking their skills and doing other things like orientations and cabin photos. Murfey Vinthood made an appearance today during orientaition because he thought he needed to save the campers when they screamed how excited they were for camp this week! We might be seeing more of him later on this week.

DSC_0116 (Medium)

Today was their first BBS (Big brother Big Sister) and the cabins got to hang out with their counselors along with another support staff member on a smaller scale. After chapel they had snack and evening devotions in their cabins! What a fun way to end the night. We hope they and the counselors will get enough rest tonight with a 9:45 bed time!

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