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Kindle 1- Thursday

July 18, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Skill two biking and wilderness were doing interesting things today. Wilderness stayed close to camp, but made a fire on second rock and roasted marshmallows even though it was already a hot day out.

DSC_2410 (Medium)

Mountain biking also stayed close and played a game that was a mix of tag and capture the flag. It seemed pretty tough for anyone, including the skill leaders to get the flags off their opponents bike handles!

DSC_2381 (Medium)

Skill one drama did some excellent acting today, they were walking around the chapel and the skill leader would call out things they had to improvise. For example, pretending you are in a really dramatic movie and you are dying!

DSC_2322 (Medium)

Before supper, the Special Program event was the Photo Challenge. Basically, cabins were equipped with one camera each and had to recreate real life versions of pictures from cartoon movies like Madagascar and Finding Nemo. These are the results:

 DSCF0469 (Medium) DSCF0466 IMG_0348 (Medium) DSCF0469 (Medium) DSCF0471 (Medium)  IMG_0236 (Medium)DSCF0508 (Medium)

 IMG_3651 (Medium)DSC_4667 (Medium)

After supper the kids get to spend time with their Big Brothers and Sisters, and once that is done they will learn more about the Kingdom in Chapel! Keep them and the counselors in your prayers.

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