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Kindle 2 – It’s Thursday!

August 8, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Today started off rather cold and chilly, but that doesn’t stop Morning Watch from happening! It is great to walk around and see so many people in small groups learning about God and the Kingdom of Heaven.


Eventually it warmed up and it was time for Discovery. This is a time where the campers get to learn about God, teamwork and sometimes just the wonders of creation by doing fun activities. Quite often this involves blindfolds.


Then it was time for skills! Sports skill had a tetherball tournament – complete with playoff rounds. The campers had a great time!


After supper it was big brother big sister time. And for these lucky campers that means peddle-boat time! The campers this week love cruising around the lake on our yellow peddle-boats, and who could blame them?


For Chapel, Carl spoke about the Parable of the Sower. To help tell the story he did a neat skit that involved using kids as seeds that were taken away by birds, wilted by the sun, choked out by weeds, and finally seeds that produced a bountiful harvest.


Please keep praying for our campers and staff as we come close to the end of the week. God is working here at camp!

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