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Kindle One: Here come the waterworks

July 19, 2012 by Kim

Don’t be deceived by this title. The kids were not crying all day during our third day of Kindle Camp. But they sure got wet.

It was another hot and sunny day at Red Rock Bible Camp, but before the kids felt the heat, they spent another beautiful morning by the water doing some Morning Watch with their big siblings. The water was still, the sun was out, it wasn’t too hot, and it was the perfect setting to experience the glory of God’s creation.

Morning Watch is such a great time for campers to get to know what the Bible is and what it says. They learn where different books of the Bible are, and also memorize some of the important passages that they go through with their counsellors. The girls use actions to memorize verses, something that sometimes the guys feel too cool to do. It’s very cute and also encouraging to see these young campers memorizing full verses, and practicing them with their counsellors all throughout the day.

But what is really amazing is seeing these kids coming to God with the child-like faith that we’re called to, and spend time in prayer. God is truly at work here.

After a calm and peaceful morning, the afternoon seemed significantly more hectic. But let’s face it: they’re kids. Kids like to run around, scream, and laugh. And we certainly catered to that on Wednesday. And that began with our skill activities for the day.

The skill that certainly took the cake for the wildest of the day was without a doubt the Fishing skill. I’m not sure if it was due to a lack of fish catching or what, but at some point this week the campers in the skill have turned into pirates.


The only unfortunate thing about the fishing skill turning into a bunch of pirates, is that they’ve also turned on their instructor, Jack. Poor guy.

These campers look far to pleased with themselves.

The waterskiing skill also had a wild time on Wednesday as they hit the lake to get extreme on their skis. Some of the kids got to ride next to the boat on the boom, which is always really cool because you’re almost in range for a high-five while skiing.

And some of them were even able to get up by the rope, which is definitely not an easy task. But regardless of how they got up, the skiers had such a blast. Who doesn’t like a nice boat ride anyways?

The kids continued their wild ways once tuck time rolled around, because nobody really stays calm when there’s lots of candy to eat. Tuck time has become a lot of the kids favorite parts of the day, probably because it’s a rare occurrence that they get to have Fun Dip, and then another piece of candy with it at the same time. You got to love their energy.

But it was during special program where the campers energy was really put to good use. On Tuesday there were some pretty awesome water fights, but it was really just a warm up for Wednesday. On Wednesday’s special program the entire camp joined together to play Driest Counsellor. The goal is to get the other counsellors soaked, and also to protect your counsellors from getting soaked. It seems like a pretty straight forward game, but it really has no winners. Ten minutes into the game every counsellor was soaked from head to toe, so they spent the last half hour of the game just trying to make sure absolutely everyone was wet too. Check out the chaos.

Once again, the evening ended with Big Brother Big Sister time, and Chapel after that. Continue to pray that these campers can see the light of Jesus though the staff here, and also absorb what they learn from their counsellors and from Lorne. Today, the campers are participating in a Mini Carnival, that has six different fun stations which includes a cool magic show from our Head Counsellor, Mike. It’s sure to be a good time, and it’s already been shaping up to be a great day.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another update, and thanks again for reading!

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