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Kindle Two: Cabin Day!

August 17, 2012 by Kim

Yesterday was a very exciting day at Red Rock Bible Camp, as it was the CIT’s first cabin day! Cabin Day basically means that the CIT’s follow their Little Brothers and Sisters everywhere they go throughout the day. Not only that, but they are the ones sitting with them through mealtimes, hanging out with them during FOB, and leading evening devotionals before bedtime. This is exciting for the CIT’s because it’s the first time a lot of these teenagers have had the opportunity to lead kids like this. Cabin day is also exciting for counsellors as they have an opportunity for some precious time off as the CIT’s take care of business. However, the day started off the same as it always does, as the campers split off into the Morning Watch groups and learned more about this summer’s theme of “Truth”.

Conveniently, the CIT’s weren’t a part of the Kindle campers cabin cleanup time, however they did meet back up with them during Discovery, where they observed how difficult it can be to get a group of eight energetic kids to work together as a team. From what I saw, things seemed to go pretty well, and I don’t think any of the the CIT’s were scared off of coming back on staff.

The CIT’s were also following their little brothers and sister to their skills all day, which was a great opportunity for them to bond further with their little siblings, and also to observe how the staff teach skills and interact with the campers. In some cases, I think the CIT’s enjoyed participating in the skills more than the kids did!

But the CIT’s weren’t taking up all of the kids skill time, as they were instructed to primarily be observers and not neccesarily participants. The campers were cool with that, because it meant they still had the same amount of time to do things like climb our climbing walls.

On Wednesday, we battled rain on and off all day long, but on Thursday the only thing we really had to deal with was the wind. It really didn’t change much, except for the fact that it was too choppy for the campers to go water skiing. Luckily, we have tubing as a ridiculously fun alternative.

Along with the wind, it wasn’t the hottest day we’ve seen all summer, however that didn’t stop the camper’s desire to go into the water. So, when it was swim time, the goggles got put on, the buddies were checked, and it was off to the water as the campers embraced every moment of being at the lake as they could.

Later on in the afternoon, after the CIT’s had their hands full during FOB, the campers went back to the basketball court for our Mini Carnival! In previous weeks, we’ve had six stations that the cabins rotate through, however since there are less Kindle cabins this week, we picked the best four and had the kids spend a little extra time at each station. One of the most popular stations was Steal the Bacon, where campers have a big tug of war over an inner tube on the volleyball court. The campers loved it, but I think they might have enjoyed watching the CIT’s duke it out even more. Regardless, fun was had by all.

The campers also went down to the beach, not to swim, but to play Sandtionary! If you’re not huge into word combinations, Sandtionary is sand pictionary, and the competition was fierce.

My personal favorite station is Mike’s Magic Show, which has our Head Counsellor, Mike Froese wow the kids with incredible feats of illusion, which includes this magic colouring book, and an invisible deck of cards. It’s actually a very impressive show, and many of the kids are left speechless by the end of the show.

Cabin Day was an awesome experience for everyone. The counsellors seem a lot more rested than they were yesterday, and the CIT’s seem a lot closer with the campers than ever before. I just want to say that the CIT’s did an awesome job with the campers yesterday. It’s amazing to see that they are all here for the right reasons, and they seem to be quite selfless people. Wherever you looked you could see CIT’s playing basketball with campers, throwing a frisbee, hanging out and just being there for the kids. In the case of this CIT, I don’t think I saw him without a camper on his shoulders. Great job, CITs!

Today is the last full day of camp for these Kindle campers, and we ask that you pray that they can allow God to be at work in their lives. These kids are awesome, and we are so thankful that God has brought each and every one of them out here. Thank you all so much for your prayers, and we’ll talk to you again tomorrow!

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2 Responses to “Kindle Two: Cabin Day!”

  1. Kim Coursey says:

    Good job with the blog Joey. Becky has taken some nice pictures.

  2. Arthur Wiens says:

    Also good work on the blog and photos. I am in Qatar and I was hoping to see a picture of my daughter Amelia (a CIT) and sure there was one at the Magic Show.

    Put a smile on my face this morning.

    Arthur Wiens

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