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Kindle Two: Have you ever seen the rain

August 16, 2012 by Kim

We’ve been blessed in many ways this summer here at camp, and one of the most obvious ways would have to be the weather.  Almost every day we wake up in the morning to the beautiful sunshine, and a calm, glassy lake. Almost every day we tell campers to put on sunscreen, make sure they wear a hat, and hydrate like crazy. However for probably the first time this summer, we finally had a crummy day yesterday – and it wasn’t actually all that bad.

The morning started off fine, however after looking at the weather forecast it was just a matter of time before we got what was coming to us. Nevertheless, the campers were once again able to enjoy time with the Big Brothers and Sisters during Morning Watch. Since there’s more Big Brothers and Sisters than normal this week, it was a lot harder to find a nice spot. Some people found a bench…

Others found a pontoon boat.

After Morning Watch, the kids went back to their cabins to do the very things some parents believe is impossible: clean. Every day, campers get scores for cabin clean up, and a lot of these cabins are determined to get some perfect scores. The only way to do that is to make sure that even the washrooms are clean. The things you learn at camp…

The first part of the morning was dry, however, the weather began to interfere with things once skill one came along. Many of the skills were forced to do some rainy day alternatives, but skills like Arts and Crafts were able to keep doing what they’ve been doing all week.

The good news is, we have a nice big indoor dining hall at camp, so the campers were able to enjoy themselves like they always do at lunch time. Yesterday, chicken fingers and onion rings were on the menu, which obviously is always a crowd favorite for the kids.

After lunch, the rain was gone, and the sky began to open up to give us some optimism for our outdoor activities. So, the bikers were able to hop onto their bikes, and enjoy the puddles around them. It was probably one of the dirtier biking skills that I’ve seen, but they looked like they were having the time of their lives. These kids don’t know what they’re about to get into.

The wilderness crew was also able to enjoy the dry period by going on some crazy adventure that only they really know about. I can’t give much insight about what they do, but I know the kids are always raving about how fun it was – just check out those hats.

After skill two, it started to drizzle a bit once again, but it was far from a down pour. Even if it was, tuck will never be cancelled!

Once Swim, Boat, and Tuck was over, it really started coming down, which was convenient because it was time for the campers to head to their cabins for FOB. However, our Special Program was in jeopardy, so we needed to call an audible and think of something dry to do in the Chapel. So, the program staff made a visit to the cabins to tell them that the new plan was a game called, Sketchtables, where cabin groups needed to think of skits with different scenarios, props, and character names. Even though they had only a little less than an hour to think of a skit, they all did very well, and many of them were really hilarious.

Of course right when we started special program the pouring rain stopped, but regardless I think the kids had a lot of fun. Since it stopped raining, the kids were also able to enjoy Big Brother, and Big Sister time in the beautiful outdoors. It still wasn’t the most beautiful weather outside, but layers can do wonders when you’re paddleboating.

Another interesting note for the day was that it was “Animal Shirt Day” here at Red Rock Bible Camp. It seems that animal shirts are making a comeback, and so we gathered all of the animal lovers at camp to show off all the cool animal shirts that were brought here.

Overall, the rain never dampened our spirits, and it was once again a great day at camp. Thank you for your continued support of our ministry, and your continued prayers would be greatly appreciated! It’s Cabin Day for the CIT’s today, which means they will be spending all day with the campers in the cabins. Please pray for them specifically, that God can work through them, and that they can learn about what it’s like to show others about Jesus!


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