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Kindle Two: It was all yellow…

August 15, 2012 by Kim

Day two of Kindle camp has come and gone, and it appears any first day jitters these campers had are a thing of the past. As for the CIT’s, there still may be a little bit of nervousness hanging around, but that’s just how teenagers work. Regardless, everyone seems to be having a great time so far, so let’s take a stroll down memory lane and check out what we did all day!

There are big differences between the CIT’s and the Kindle campers this week, one of the most obvious being their sleep schedules. Wakeup is always at 8:15, and as the CIT’s struggle to make it to breakfast on time, the campers struggle to stay  in their beds past 7:30. You can’t blame the Kindle campers for wanting to get the day started early when you get to eat a delicious breakfast like the ones that are served here.

After breakfast it was time for the Kindle campers (and the CIT’s) to experience their first Morning Watch! In Morning Watch, campers meet with their Big Brothers and Sisters to talk about God’s truth, and help the kids learn how to read their Bibles. This is a great time for discussion, and the small group setting often makes the campers feel comfortable enough to ask the questions that are truly on their minds. For the CIT’s this is definitely new to them, however already I’ve heard of some amazing conversation and bonding that has happened after just one day.

After Morning Watch, the CIT’s had some personal devotional time, and the Kindle campers met up with the rest of their cabin for Discovery. In Discovery, campers participate in activities that usually build up cabin unity, and always have a message about God. One of the best ways to illustrate trusting God is through blindfolded activities, something that is always very common during Discovery. It’s only day two, so the cabin unity may not be at its peak, but for some reason the campers just love wearing blindfolds, so all is well in the end.

From there, the campers split off into their skills for the week, and picked up from where they left off on Monday. The wall climbers started with the elementary walls on the first day, and it seems like they’ve already moved on to a more difficult challenge. It’s really cool to see these campers get over their fear of heights and conquer each of the walls we have here.

Skills continued after lunch as well, and it was there where we saw the Wilderness skill test out their strength in making a lean-to. Who ever said that kids didn’t have pipes? Nice job, boys.

For the campers who might not exactly be as outdoorsy as the Wilderness crew, we have a Drama skill that meets in the Chapel. For many weeks this summer, Drama skill was popular because of the air conditioning in the Chapel, but since it’s a little cooler this week, campers just like it because of their awesome instructor, Diana.

After the kids finished their skills for the day, it was time for Swim, Boat, and Tuck, aka Candy Time. Obviously if we’re giving the kids candy it’s going to be one of their favorite parts of the day, and this week is no exception. Not only did the campers enjoy the candy that was given to them, but they also enjoyed each others company as well.

After Swim, Boat, and Tuck, the campers went back to their cabins for the counsellors most precious time of the day: FOB, which stands for Feet On Bed, which translates to power-nap. But after the kids recharged a bit in their cabins, we sent them right back out for Special Program. Yesterday’s Special Program was an A-Z Scavenger Hunt, where cabins had to find an object for every letter of the alphabet from anywhere around camp. The catch was that anything yellow would be worth double the points. The campers got pretty creative in this activity, and we even had some kayaks make their way over to the basketball court.

After supper, the kids got together with their Big Brothers and Sisters once again, but this time to basically do whatever they wanted. The overwhelming favorite place to be was the waterfront, which filled up quite a bit with different types of boats, making for a pretty cool snapshot.

At the end of the day, we had our second Chapel service of the week where Kent spoke about truth, and how sometimes the truth hurts. Kent challenged us all to take note of the ways we’ve wronged others and God, and to ask God for forgiveness for those things. A good handful of campers even stayed back at the end of Chapel to talk with their counsellors about what Kent had to say. God is really moving this week.

The weather is not looking all that great today, and your prayers would be appreciated. It’s a lot easier to run everything that we have planned with sunny skies, however we’re confident that the kids will have fun regardless. Thanks a lot for checking out the blog, and be sure to check back for our post tomorrow!

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