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Mini Kindle 1: They’re here!

July 5, 2012 by Kim

Well everyone, they’re here!


After a week of training, our staff were revved up and ready to go for our first week of summer, and we’re so happy that the young one’s have arrived for Mini Kindle camp this week.


Mini Kindle is unique in that the camp runs from Wednesday to Saturday, which tends to attract the youngest group of the summer. Most of these kids have never been away from home before, so the staff are extra prepared to pour into as much love and care as possible for these kids. With the amount of excitement that was in the air, our spirits were certainly not going to be dampened by the rain that lasted all morning. That being said, the anticipation for the campers was done underneath the balcony because, well, we have to wear these staff shirts again on Saturday!


 After anticipation often comes reward, and for us staff the reward is the arrival of the campers. And as they first started to roll in Wednesday morning, you couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces.

One of our traditions here at camp is for the staff make a human arch for the kids to run through as a part of welcoming them to camp. On this rainy morning some of the kids could have maybe used it for shelter, but these campers were just as excited to be here as we are, so all of them just ran through with glee.

After the campers ran through the arch and found their counsellors for the week, they were brought over to their cabins where they would call home until Saturday morning. From there it was time to get to know their counsellors, and get to know each other with some quality cabin time. These girls seem to be quickly enjoying having Cloe and Erin as their counsellors.

We also took time in the afternoon to take cabin pictures. It can prove to be difficult to get everyone to smile and look at the camera, but Juniper Hollow and Towering Oak seemed to get it all figured out. Props to counsellors Karl and Mitchell, as well as Emily, Diana, and Nicole.

After everyone got to know each other and ate some smokies for lunch, it was time to participate in some of our skill activities as a cabin. Campers shot archery, made arts and crafts, and tried out some climbing on our climbing wall. These girls look excited for one of our more popular skills: canoeing.

Yesterday’s canoeing skill had the campers head towards Turtle Island, one of the most talked about areas of camp. Since it’s off limits, its legends are endless, and it was exciting for the campers to even get close to it.

As fun as the canoes are, they obviously don’t go all that fast. Because of this, the campers were really excited about the opportunity for power boat rides as one of the skill activities. Who wouldn’t want to feel the wind flow through their hair while whizzing through the water on a beautiful summers afternoon (Oh yeah, the rain stopped shortly after lunch). These girls are waiting their turn on the boat dock as anticipation rises within them.

After skills, it was time to eat again, and it was spaghetti for supper. But before the kids go in to eat, they wait outside Pine Lodge, separated by girls and guys. Every meal the two genders battle to be the first to go inside by participating in some sort of competition. I’m not sure who won this round, but with the food our kitchen dishes out I’m sure they all felt like winners.

After supper, campers were assigned Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and they spent a half hour just trying to have a blast with them. This is a really cool opportunity because it separates the campers into two’s or three’s which gives them a little more individual attention than when they’re in the cabin with everyone else. The campers Big Brothers and Sisters could be their counsellors, but often they are from the support staff around camp, which gives our Kitchen, Maintenance, and Program staff an opportunity to build relationships with these kids.

The last activity of the day was Chapel, where the kids sang songs about God, and listed to our camp speakers Bruce and Christine Bartel (and their puppet, Chester). This time includes many actions, and a lot of laughs, but it also teaches the kids about who God is, and why He is important.

Overall, it was a great first day at Red Rock Bible Camp. It’s clear that God is at work here, keeping us safe, and helping us know Him more. Continued prayers would be appreciated for the campers and our staff. Today is a brand new day, so be sure to check back tomorrow to see what that looked like!

2 Responses to “Mini Kindle 1: They’re here!”

  1. Jacqueline Kehler says:

    Sounds like a fun first day!!
    Have a super time Ty Kehler!!
    Love Mom

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