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Mini Kindle: The end of the road

July 8, 2012 by Kim

Saturday has passed us by, which means that the campers have left us here at camp, and as a staff we will spend the weekend getting ready for the next week of camp (Ignite 1) that starts on Monday. But before we move on to next week, let’s take a look back at what the Mini Kindle campers did on Friday, their last full day at Red Rock Bible Camp.

The campers woke up as usual, and participated in a very similar morning to what they experienced on Thursday, with Morning Watch, Discovery, and Skill 1 filling up the morning. We’ve already seen on the blog that the kids get to participate in a lot of high energy and physically demanding skill activities here at camp. And to assure you that we’re not putting them through more than they can handle, it’s important to show some of the quieter, more relaxing skills that these campers participate in as well. For example, all of the campers got to make some Arts and Crafts!

However, let’s be honest. We’re not all as talented as this girl at arts and crafts. For those of us are quite challenged artistically, we have the ever so relaxing, and equally effortless Mini Kindle skill of…BOAT RIDES!

And for the kids who wanted to take it easy, but still want a little bit of skill and adventure added on to their lives, we had Water Ex, which ended up translating to: “Hey, it’s really hot outside, have some fun in the water, and we’ll teach you how to do some cool things in it.” This guy decided to catch some minnows. By the looks of his pale, it was a good day.

As the day went on, the kids continued to participate in skills, and clearly by the look of this girls tongue, Tuck time must have been somewhere in the schedule as well. That looks to me like the handy work of a Push-Pop. Which brings us to our sponsor for the day…Is it not Tuck Time yet? Why don’t you just push the clock forward with a Push-Pop. Push-Pop.

Right before supper on Friday, the kids played counsellor hunt for an hour. The premise is quite simple: The counsellors hide, and the campers find them. The campers did a great job finding some of the counsellors in some pretty tricky spots, but finding Silas and Jimmy was a different story. Someone came prepared.

Since some of our counsellors have been doing this for a while, they really go all out in this game. Keenan and Erik hid in our wood rack for almost an hour. Our commitment to this camp knows no bounds.

The kids certainly worked up an appetite, and thankfully for them, the kitchen made some delicious chicken for us to eat for supper.

The chicken had an amazing BBQ sauce that made the meal one to remember. As you can see in the previous picture, the kids seemed to be contently enjoying the food in front of them. BBQ sauce can sometimes be very messy, but it was impressive to see how clean the campers looked at the end of the meal. Sure, there was a few sauce moustaches, but for the most part they were pretty good. The staff on the other hand…

What great influences. After supper we had some of our usual activities like Big Brother Big Sister, and we got to listen to Christine and Chester for the last time. The evening finished off with a Friday tradition here at camp, which is a fire side by the water. We sang songs, talked about our highlights of the week, and the kids shared what they learned about God. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week, and doing it all under God’s incredible creation is just a bonus.

Friday was a great last full day of camp, and it was awesome to see the campers enjoy it to the fullest. However, Saturday needed to come, and when it did, so did the parents and families of these wonderful campers. As sad as Saturday can be sometimes for the campers and the staff, it’s great to see the joy the kids get from seeing their families, and how excited they get talking about the week they had here at Red Rock.

I just want to thank all of the parents and families of the campers, who trust us enough to send their loved ones here for a few days. We understand that for a lot of you it isn’t easy. But we try our best to make sure the campers are loved and cared for all week, just as they are at home. We really appreciate the trust and support you all have in us, and we truly love what we do and the amazing campers that come here.

As Mini Kindle comes to a close, Ignite 1 starts up on Monday, and I can assure you we will continue these posts for that week, and every other week for that matter, until the end of the summer. Continue to pray for the hearts of these campers and our staff, and continue to pray for safety as we go on through the summer. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of posts, and we hope you continue to keep up with what we’re doing, and continue to pray for our ministry. Thanks a lot, and have a great weekend.

One Response to “Mini Kindle: The end of the road”

  1. Orlando says:

    Thank you very much! My son Lukas enjoyed camp 🙂

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