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Mrs. Jenkins gets her motion stopped.

March 31, 2009 by Kim

Sometimes full time staff need something to do when at camp. Perhaps this means you’ll receive the benefit.

6 Responses to “Mrs. Jenkins gets her motion stopped.”

  1. Esther Reimer says:

    How long did this take? Very funny!

  2. redrockcamp says:

    My favourite part was the last 10 seconds. That part took us in the neighbourhood of 5 days to do. The rest was done in an evening.

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  4. Jeremy says:

    I think a more suspensful soundtrack would have pushed this nail biting thriller into the top 5 blog views. How many more times does it need to be viewed to hit the top 5 or 3 even?

    • Ben Dueck says:

      It’s a decent way off. It needs like 30-35 more hits to get top 5. Spread the word! This post should be top 5!

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