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New at Red Rock!

March 29, 2011 by Kim

So what is new this summer at Red Rock you ask? A new building is one correct answer. Our craft shop will have a new home between the bike shop and the climbing wall. The back side of the craft shop will provide an overhang for shade and also will be used as a bouldering wall for the climbing skill.

A new (not really new, but different) bike shop would be another correct answer. Do you remember the old boy’s washroom up on the hill? Well, that will be the home of our bike shop and should be ready this spring.

Remember what happened to our trailer that was used for our camp pastors? Well, camp pastors will be in some new digs this summer. Spruce Woods, the former craft and bike shop is going to be a multipurpose building. The former bike shop at the back will be converted back to two bedrooms. The bathroom will have a complete makeover. The craft area will revert back to more of a mini kitchen and living area. In the spring, the bedrooms will house some of our spring staff and the living room and kitchen area will provide a lounge for the spring staff. In the summer, the whole building will be for our camp pastor and family. From September to the end of April, it will be used for Pursuit lodging as well as for a classroom and lounge area.

We think these changes will improve our facility and make better use of what we already have. I’ll post some pictures later.

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