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Our dear friend, Scott

May 24, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Our dear friend Scott,

Sunday is the day we will celebrate you once more, though we celebrate you nearly every day in our hearts. Sunday is the day we will remember you, but not a day goes by that you are not missed. Sometimes I wonder if you can hear our hearts from heaven. Sometimes I think about something you would appreciate and want to tell you, and now I wonder if its mostly for my heart rather than yours. To be able to remember is to be able to heal. The more time goes by, the more I remember things about you that added to my life. Nothing you did took away from me, and I am sure not from anyone. I would hope that everyone agrees when I say that you added to all our lives in some way.

Tonight there is a fireside, whose embers float across the dark twilight sky. They provide accents against the bold navy and gray clouds, and blend with the soft orange and hidden purple of the sunset. But I am quite positive you see much more beautiful things than this sunset. I am quite positive that the love of our Lord Jesus Christ is all that captures your thoughts, and I am very glad. We all are very grateful that you are our brother in Christ, and we will see you again someday. Jesus is all we need.


Much love to you Scott,

Red Rock Bible Camp

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