Outdoor Education

Take your classroom outdoors for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park.

In an age when children are less physically active and have less and less contact with nature, Red Rock Bible Camp provides a “counter cultural” camping experience that introduces students to outdoor activities that often become lifelong pursuits and lead to over all healthier lifestyles.

Fall, Winter and Spring, our site, facility and staff have something special to offer.

Spring and Fall Activities

Sport climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Orienteering, Canoeing, Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, Sit on top kayaks, Stand up paddle boards, Swimming, Camp Fires, Tetherball, Indoor Games (Ping-pong, Foosball, Pool & Board games) and Playing Field

Winter Activities

Cross-country Skiing, Skating, Broomball, Snowshoeing, Hockey (provide own equipment), Tube slide, Campfires Orienteering, Shelter building, Ice fishing, Indoor Games (Ping-Pong, Foosball, Pool & Board Games) and Fire Building

What Schools are Saying about Red Rock Bible Camp

This camp has everything we require to run our programming. Much thanks to the staff to have everything in place and ready for us. The camp staff we worked with were outstanding and we felt like a team

David Markham

Phys Ed Teacher, Joseph Terres School

We had a great experience again at Red Rock Camp. Allan is great at communicating and helping us with our experience. Your staff was excellent and were very personable. Thanks for the great opportunity to bring our students into nature and the outdoors.

Patrick Martens

Teacher, Kleefeld School

Just wanted to let you all know how much my class and I loved our camp experience at Red Rock Bible Camp. As a couple of new teachers nervous about a camp experience, you really made us both feel at ease. It was such an enjoyable and stress-free visit for everyone. I look forward to bringing my future classes to RRBC for years to come!

Nick Guidry

Teacher, Ste. Anne Immersion

High quality relations and very effective people are the reasons for us wanting to return.
Facilities are completely effective ….. met all of our needs …. but it is your people who made it happen for us.
Thank you!

Dean McLeod

Teacher, St. John's Ravenscourt School


Learn more about our Cabins and Lodges

Pine Lodge

Pine Lodge is our main building that includes our dining hall, kitchen, offices, lounge(s) medical centre, tuck shop and washrooms,

There are nine guest rooms on the second floor with 2 washrooms and 2 shower rooms.

Room 1 4 Beds (2 Bunks)
Room 2 4 Beds (2 Bunks)
Room 3 4 Beds (2 Bunks)
Room 4 8 Beds (4 Bunks)
Room 5 4 Beds (2 Bunks)
Room 6 4 Beds (2 Bunks)
Room 7 Suite 1 double, 2 bunk and washroom w/tub shower
Room 8 2 Beds (1 Bunk)
Rom 9 6 Beds (3 Bunks)

Cedar Lodge

Cedar Lodge is a building that houses 40 beds. There is an entrance with space for coats & shoes and a comfortable lounge with couches. There are two large washrooms with showers. The building has two entrances and can be split down the middle to accomodate 1 group but of seperate genders.

(There are sliding pocket doors between Rooms 2 & 3 and Rooms 5 & 6 that can either be open to create a total of 4 large rooms or closed to create 6 separate rooms)

Room 1 10 Beds (2 Singles & 4 Bunk Beds)
Room 2 5 Beds (1 Single and 2 Bunk Beds)
Room 3 5 Beds (1 Single and 2 Bunk Beds)
Room 4 10 Beds (2 Singles & 4 Bunk Beds)
Room 5 5 Beds (1 Single and 2 Bunk Beds)
Room 6 5 Beds (1 Single and 2 Bunk Beds)​



We have 8 stand alone cabins that are fully winterized. Each cabin has its own shower, toilet and 2 sinks. All cabins have an entrance with a sitting area and a separate sleeping area. All Cabins have a deck that faces the lake.*

(*Balsam Fir- has a tub style shower, no large entrance, no deck)

Cabin 10 Beds (2 Singles and 4 Bunks)

Pricing and Information

Prices are for a typical three day, two night camp

March & April, September to December
January & February
May & June
Fees Do Not Include: GST (added to your final bill), transportation, bedding or linen (sleeping accommodations include bunk beds and mattresses) & Lunch on the first day (Provide your own bag lunches)
Arrival Time: is around 11:00am on the First Day

Departure Time: Shortly after lunch on the last day.

Location: Red Rock Bible is located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, 17km north of Rennie on Provincial Road #307 (approx 150km northeast of Winnipeg)

Booking Arrangements: Tentative bookings may be made by phone or via email. When the camp receives a completed contract including a deposit of $500 the booking will be confirmed.
Additional Resource Personnel are $180 each (for 3 days) based on availbility
Kitchen Helpers 

Groups in Setpember-April (Except May & June) Must provide their own kitchen helpers. Kitchen help will not be charged the per person fee

Kitchen help should not be rotated.

  • For Groups Less than 40 MUST Provide 1 Helper
  • For Groups between 40 & 60 MUST provide 2 Helpers
  • For Groups between 60-100 MUST provide 3 Helpers
  • For Groups over 100 MUST provide 4 Helpers
Cancellation Policy: The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to another date if cancellation occurs due to inclement weather. Cancellation due to weather must be a mutual decision between the group representative and Red Rock’s Director or Camp Manager. If rescheduling is not possible, a full refund will be given. If cancellation takes place within 90 days of your retreat date and is not due to inclement weather, your group will be charged 50% of the expected total fees based on our original booking.
Groups with fewer than 20 Students will be charged for 20 students

To obtain rates for shorter or longer stays, contact us below!

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