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Outrageous Wednesday, Kindle 2

August 7, 2013 by Kim Coursey

Hey everyone, let me tell you what all your kids have been up to. They started it off with some good ol’ tots and pancakes so that they had lots of energy to swim, hike, climb, ski, frolic, craft and bike. There was a little sprinkle of rain but that didn’t stop the fun! We had a great carnival of real life apps including Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja (played with fake swords and water balloons) to name a few.

DSC_6565         DSC_6971         DSC_6972


After the carnival we had pizza for supper! And do these kids ever love pizza!


Then it was big brother big sister time. Some groups painted their nails, others went SUP boarding (Stand Up Paddle boarding… a new skill at camp) and others went swimming. But the one thing everyone had in common was a great time.

DSC_7050   DSC_7057


At Chapel Carl spoke about the value of the Kingdom of God and how it is worth everything.

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